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My New Gig: CTO at Avalanche Technology Group

After ten years (!) at the SitePoint Group, I started a new job in January. For posterity, here’s the press release announcing my new gig as CTO of Avalanche Technology Group:

Avalanche Technology Group Creates CTO Role For Strategic Partnership Growth

Kevin Yank to provide technical oversight in expansion of subsidiary partnership opportunities at Avalanche, parent of AVG (AU/NZ), and internal technology development.

MELBOURNE 8 March 2012 – The Australian owned Avalanche Technology Group, that takes innovative technologies to market in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, has appointed Kevin Yank to the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
Avalanche’s continuing growth has necessitated a dedicated CTO role with both internal and external responsibilities for the Group which includes AVG (AU/NZ) Pty Ltd, the local regional distributor of the award-winning AVG Internet and mobile security software.

As CTO, Kevin Yank will be working with the executive team to identify and evaluate the technology and business opportunities for expanding the group of companies with proven partnerships such as that with AVG. His role is to provide technical perspective, guidance and oversight in that process. He has also taken ownership of all internal systems including the Group’s internally developed e-commerce / CRM / Reseller management system.

Over the past decade Yank has held CTO and other positions at online media company SitePoint and has built a strong reputation, especially in the web development and broader technical communities. He is also a highly regarded author and accomplished presenter. Yank holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Kevin Yank said: “I was attracted to the potential in Avalanche’s thriving business and this demanding position where I can be pivotal in helping make the right technology choices from the exciting opportunities in front of us.”

Avalanche’s CEO Peter Cameron said: “The AVG (AU/NZ) subsidiary is a success story we’re looking to repeat. Kevin’s appointment, with his expertise and commitment, will ensure we have the right team to provide outstanding technology solutions for the Australian, New Zealand and regional marketplaces. We are delighted to have him join us.”

For the first time in a decade, I feel like I have everything to learn and more than a little to prove, which is both incredibly exciting and a wee bit scary. Thankfully, the team at Avalanche and AVG (AU/NZ) is a wonderful bunch of people; without exception, each person there is both a pleasure to work with, and a genuinely lovely human being.

Sketching Dreams

I feel like I may have some things to write about again soon.

Before you ask, I’m not being cagey, here. Mostly this is just a vague feeling, perhaps brought on by my recent visit home to Canada—a reminder that there are people I care about with whom I don’t communicate much (no, Facebook doesn’t count).

I dreamed up a fresh (but simple!) site design last night, so I broke out the Wacom to see if it worked in two dimensions. If I can keep it balanced, I think it might.


Note to self: ask Lox if he minds me recycling his old comic book header idea.

Photos: Rubicon Valley Horse Riding

Rubicon Valley Horse Ride 8

For the main event for our three-day getaway in and around Marysville, Jess and I went horse riding in Rubicon Valley on a perfect morning. We lucked out and got a guide all to ourselves, so we got to learn a lot more about riding than we had done on our previous ride.

Jess’s horse Bounty must have been having an off day, because she made several attempts to bite my horse, Apache (Yes geeks, Apache. Believe me, I was geeking out about it all the way!). Otherwise, the ride went smoothly, with lots of high-speed cantering that had Jess calling me “the geekiest cowboy around”.

View ‘Rubicon Valley Horse Riding’ set on Flickr

Coffee and Cave

On the Impro Cave postcard, a speech bubble has been drawn next to Mark Gambino advising users of the coffee machine to switch off the steamer when they’re done.The postcard for The Impro Cave that I put above the coffee machine at work has been co-opted in an effort to promote best practices when making coffee. Ironically, I think Mark is the only person in the photo who would approve of this.

Empty Inbox

Screenshot of my empty inboxLook ma – no unread email!

At the risk of tempting fate, I’m posting it for all to see: my email inbox is empty! This time last week, I had some 1,000 unread messages vying for my attention. Things were starting to slip through the cracks, and it was time for a big cleanup.

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Sunny Gets a Little Work Done

SunnyAfter a week on antibiotics, our guinea pig Sunny is at the vet today having a conspicuous growth removed from his abdomen. The bump is mysterious, but we expect him to be fine.

At home with Jess, Toffee seems lost without his big brother. The pair haven’t been apart for more than an hour in their entire lives!

Update: Sunny’s home and doing fine. He’ll have a cool scar to show the ladies.