An Open Letter to the Microsoft Partner Program

An open letter to the Microsoft Action Pack Regional Service Center for Australia:

Subject: MAPS digital distribution – broken link?

Hi there,

Following the email I received today (Subject: “Important: Action Pack software now available digitally”), I tried to follow the provided link to access my Microsoft Action Pack Subscription content online:

This link seems to direct me to a survey about my company’s marketing activities—a survey that I was unable to fill out because it is badly broken. Not only is the layout broken (screenshot), but it would not accept my answers, complaining that I hadn’t answered all the questions. In the end, I had to select ‘no’ for every answer in order to get it to accept my submission. This then took me to the Partner Marketing Center home page, where I could see no sign of my MAPS digital content.

I continue to be amazed by how horrible a job your web team does. Why would we ever take marketing advice from Microsoft?

Kevin Yank
Technical Director,

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Microsoft Partner Program

  1. Tom Tetlaw

    This is another reason why no-one should ever like microsoft, I mean, if I had enough money, I would go buy a Mac as fast as a fat guy eats a hamburger.

  2. Nathan Allan

    It is amazing Kev. Now having lived in Seattle for 6 or so years I am constantly amazed that although the Microsoft campus is huge and employs so many people there is just no real “tech buzz”to be found.

    Perhaps it is because I was around in Melbourne and working for a a cool dot com, and traveled to San Francisco many times for dot com. Perhaps it set expectations too high.

    Seriously though Microsoft needs an evangelist that gets everyone excited. Bill could have been turned in to that. They show a little promise now and then. I think the Seinfeld ads where a cool step. Ads about nothing.

    Anyway just a rant. Have a nice day!

  3. Marc Bradshaw

    I’ve often thought the Partner Programme’s web effort was poor. Many pages completely refuse Firefox saying I’m not using a supported browser.

    I had a look at your screenshot, then entered our Partner Live ID at the link to have a look in my browser (Firefox on Vista Business) and it’s even more broken! I didn’t bother to try to fill it out. How can you mess up a simple HTML table?! (I’ll leave the question of whether it should even be a table aside)


  4. Carlo

    Agreed! Their site navigation is the the worse. Many broken links and information that is no longer usable (such as help/contact information). And yes, it does not help that they force you to use IE for access.

    I am not a MS basher, but their site does leave much to be desired.

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